Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

Bonnie Kourvelas Mall of Memphis Picture Collection

November 10, 2008

Bonnie Kourvelas may be on TV now, but she grew up just like we did - at the Mall! She found these pics in her collection and shared them with us!

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bk01s.jpg: 800x529, 430k (August 08, 2009, at 03:51 AM)
bk02s.jpg: 800x541, 399k (August 08, 2009, at 04:03 AM)
bk03s.jpg: 800x529, 428k (August 08, 2009, at 04:04 AM)
bk04s.jpg: 800x544, 392k (August 08, 2009, at 04:05 AM)

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bk01.jpg: 1792x1184, 2409k (November 10, 2008, at 02:07 AM)
bk02.jpg: 1752x1184, 2165k (November 10, 2008, at 02:11 AM)
bk03.jpg: 1760x1163, 2258k (November 10, 2008, at 02:12 AM)
bk04.jpg: 1728x1176, 2240k (November 10, 2008, at 02:13 AM)




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