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Photo from original Mall of Memphis web site

Welcome to The Mall of Memphis! If you are a long time shopper of the Mall or just surfed here by accident we hope you will enjoy your visit.

This site is the source for all things Mall of Memphis - if you have something to contribute (stories, memories, pictures, whatever) please do. The site allows anyone to share with other mall fans easily - no registration needed.


This site is open for anyone to express their opinions on the topics we discuss. We don't require you to register, tell us your name or anything else for that matter. As long as you are polite to others, your views are welcome here.

Unfortunately, comment spammers and other net abusers use the open nature of sites like this for their own purposes and in doing so degrade the value for everyone. For several years we have avoided the attention of such vandals but recently have been defaced by several automated 'bots' that left unchecked, would fill this site with irrelevant links to questionable material.

Because of this we have added a password requirement to edit any page on this site. We will change the password of the site from time to time. It's malled for now - the password that is - it's the second word in this sentence - If you can read this you are welcome to add or edit information here!

Or just email it to mallofmemphis at

For the would be vandals out there, c'mon - surely you can find a more challenging site to pwnd than an unprotected tribute to a dead mall. Do something meaningful - go hack the NSA - at least you will get some publicity that way on your express lane to prison! But them or us either one, it's a serious crime to tamper with and deface the property of others - there can be jail time involved. Or worse.

Don't bother - your changes can be undone with a single mouse click. We do report vandals. The bad karma will keep you awake at nights. Your feet will stink. Worse.

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Uploading Pictures

If you are just looking for the password to upload a picture it is the same as for editing - see above. If you don't want to mess with posting your pics, just email them to and we will be happy to post them. If you need more help with the steps to do it yourself, check How To Upload Pics.

I See The Menu at Screen Left But The Page Is Blank

If you see what looks like an empty page, scroll way down the page. If you see the page contents all jumbled and mis-aligned you may need to upgrade your video. You need a screen resolution of at least 800x600 to view this site correctly. Read here for more - The Page Is Blank