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How To Upload Your Pictures To This Site

If you have Mall of Memphis pictures you would like to share, pease upload them here.

It's best to upload the pictures here instead of linking to them on another site (if that site goes down, we lose the image). Uploading the images here ensures that we can give them a long term home.

If you don't have the time or desire to add them yourself, just send them to and we'll do the rest.

Who was James C Bridger and why did he have his own road around the mall?

Add Your Comments And Placeholders Where You Want The Image

Step 1: On any page you are editing, you can use the "paperclip" icon to insert the following markup into the text at the spot where you want the image:


Step 2: Change the text from "file.ext" to whatever name you like for your file - i.e. "mallpic1.jpg"

You must use a file name that does not already exist on our server.

Step 3: Finish entering your comments as desired and save the page.

Step 4: When you view the updated page, you will see a link for the image filename you specified in step 2. Click this link.

You will be prompted for a password. The password is:

Step 5: You will then be presented with an upload form, where you can choose the local file on your PC that you are uploading - use the "Browse" button if desired to locate the file.

Step 6: Click the "Upload" button and your file will be sent.

Step 7: View the updated page again, your image should now appear.

Step 8: Optional - If the image is too big, you can resize it by adding either:


in front of the file reference , i.e. "%width=500px% attach:mallpic1.jpg"

Change the number up or down as required to size your image.

Thank you for sharing your mall pictures and memories with us!