Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

Memphis Flyer Notices Us!

"With the recent discovery of two corpses near the old Mall of Memphis site, the former retail hotspot just canít seem to shake the bad rep it gained in its last several years of business.

But that hasnít stopped some Memphians from waxing poetic about the mallís heyday in the 1980s. Two Web sites dedicated to sharing fond mall memories are loaded with stories to warm the hearts of former mallrats everywhere.

At , read about one manís experience sneaking his under-aged girlfriend into the Chelsea Street Pub to watch the skaters at the Ice Chalet. Another guy gets all dreamy about the old popcorn shopís rainbow-colored corn.At this site, you can read about annual pics with Santa and the day Lilí Bow Wow was spotted shopping at EB Games."


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