Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

Service Merchandise

Company went bankrupt, but are back today - as web only store.

This photo, taken inside the Mall's Service Merchandise in December 1991 shows a glimpse of the inside. Credit BullyRook

Went totally out of business several years ago, all the stores. Was a great "catalog" showroom and usually had good deals on open box stereo equipment.

I bought a video light for my Sony camcorder for $9.99 that had been $99.99 - on their last day of business. df

Wasn't this a Wilsons before it became Service Merchandise? A two story Service Merchandise, complete with elevator. That was a good way to get into the mall, I think my family always entered through Service Merchandise...

Remember when they used to have Walgreens in the mall?


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