Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

Can You Still Shop The Mall of Memphis?


No, not really. It's gone. No longer a "place", except for memories, grassy fields and this website. is hosting an ever increasing number of visitors, and they are staying 10 minutes or more per visit on average and reading 10-30 pages. This is wonderful as it provides a nice trip down memory lane, and often they add to the story as well. This is exactly why this site exists. is free and always will be.

You CAN shop here too. It's sure not the same as shopping the mall was. But with imagination, you can pretend you are in a huge, loud, social and retail palace, instead of your computer room. If you are really imaginative, have someone run the vacuum and pretend the noise is the Zamboni on the ice.....

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Yes, money. Feel free to look around the site, remember the mall and feel no obligation - the site is not here to make money (and believe me, it doesn't). The site does have bandwidth and hosting costs and as we become more popular - those go up. Some people have asked about donating - we'd prefer you donate a memory or story or picture or whatever but if you have money you just burning a hole in your virtual pocket, we'll take it! If you buy some of this junk on this page, we make a little money to help keep this site online forever. If you want to skip the junk and just donate some money to the cause, use PayPal! Thanks!




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