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221 B Baker Street

In the original layout for the Mall (see Store Directory) there was to be a Thalhimers Department Store located on the American Way side of the mall. This addition was never completed - Thalhimers did open in the Mall for a time, but were bought out by Dillards and the Thalhimers store became the second Dillards in the Mall, with furniture and Mens clothes.

The area of the mall where the entrance to this new store would have been was just an empty wall for many years. Later kiosks were installed here and used to allow small vendors low-cost access to the mall.

One of the more interesting kiosks was a Sherlock Holmes influenced tobacconist (221B Baker Street) who had originally opened a shop in the abortive mall at Summer and Sycamore View. The owner, Peter E. Melonas, moved to the MoM when that shop closed. He liked to wear period clothing, smoked a calabash pipe and sold pipes, cigars, tobacco and games from the period.

Peter was apparently a genuine Sherlock Holmes fan, as his name appears in newsletters from several Holmes fan clubs offering items for sale. Examples:

"And a flier at hand from Peter E. Melonas (Baker Street Enterprises, 1726A Sycamore Square Mall, Memphis, TN 38134) offering his S'ian posters."


"Peter E. Melonas offers a new "Duel at Reichenbach Falls" print (16x20"), $7.50 postpaid from from the Sherlock Holmes Tobacco and Mystery Shop, 1726A Sycamore Square Mall, Memphis, TN 38134; write for a flier."

and post Mall:

Oct 00 #4 Peter Melonas (Sherlock Holmes Mystery Book Store, 1770 Sixth Crompton Square, Memphis, TN 38134 offers copies of Joe Barros' 1981 "A Three Pipe Problem" lithograph portrait of Sherlock Holmes ($45.00 postpaid), and of John Northcross' 1992 print showing Holmes and Watson ($12.00 postpaid). Illustrated flier are available on request.