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Animated Jacks

Copy: Animated Jacks

60(Producer Voice-male with mild NY accent)"Okay, Animated Jacks-Take One" ANNOUNCER
(male with slow unenthusiastic delivery): "Animated Jacks in the new Mall of Memphis location has the biggest selection of T-Shirts in Memphis." PRODUCER:"Ahhh, no. I think they're looking for a little bit more energy. Let's try it again." ANNCR:(very fast, high energy with sfx drum roll in BG)"Animated Jacks has the best customizing! They can paint you, your car, your pen or just about anything on a T-Shirt! Plus, buy any three T-Shirts at regular price and get an Animated Jacks T-Shirt absolutely free!" (panting, out of breath) PRODUCER: "Okay, how about a little less energy and a lot more feeling? Let's do it." ANNCR:(mellow voice with sfx of slow elevator music in the background, building slowly) "At Animated Jacks, along with the biggest selection of preprinted and rock shirts, you will find hemp jewelry, incense, candles, sunglasses, even stuff for back to school. I beseech you (begging) Please, make your way to Animated Jacks' Mall of Memphis location." Producer: (deadpan)"Wow, you really moved me." Anncr: "Really?" Producer: "No! But you CAN move out of my studio." ANNCR: "But where will I go? What will I do?" Producer: "Well, I hear that Animated Jacks Mall of Memphis store is looking for qualified airbrush artists." ANNCR: "That sounds wonderful!" Producer: "Here's a tip. Don't talk too much."