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Good Old 1990's

By Roadgeek

First thing's first. The 90's were such a great decade. When you put it up against the current decade known as the 2000's, you'll easly see that the 90's were more fun.

10. Back in the 90's, television wasn't infested with reality TV. The most "real" TV was America's Funniest Home Videos and Cops. Now, whenever you turn the TV on, there's nothing on but American Idol, shows where the love of your life is swapped, people eating worms, and nanny's who think they can control spoiled brats.

9. The world wasn't infested with war. I'm going to try and not be too political on this one, but in the 90's, you felt safer riding on an airplane or visiting New York.

8. TV commercials were much better. In the 90's, there wasn't as much insulting of your intelect, really bad comedy, and sex. You were more attracted to the product advertised and not repelled.

7. Video games were a lot funner. Remember playing your Genesis, SNES, N64, and Saturn? Remember the quality games? Today, you have ultra HD graphics and games with so much blood, you gag 10 times each level.

6. Television seemed more family oriented and clean. Want a perfect example? Look at Full House. It contained a lot of child themes, however retaining a base where mom, dad, brother Bob, and sister Sarah could enjoy. Today, all of the jokes in sit-com's are just one thing. Sex! Is that all they ever think of? Good grief!

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  Carolina Circle Mall: Great 90's Mall

5. Is it just me or is quality retail ain't what it used to be? My town had a mall called Carolina Circle Mall. It was a perfect example of typical 90's mall. It had a carousel, it had a video arcade, carhad an ice cream shop, it had a movie theater, and it had a Montgomery Ward. But with the dawn of the 2000's, the mall closes and in 2005 is destroyed with a Wal-Mart set to open this summer. I miss a retail area where you could go and not only shop, but relax with friends on a carousel.

4. In the 90's, you listened to audio cassettes and/or CD's. As for me, I didn't start listening to CD's until about 1997, but you get the point. Anyway, today people listen to iPod's and MP3 players and forget the true meaning of dropping by the nearby record store and buying that new tape or CD.

3. Music had a better variety. Rap was popular in the 90's, but it wasn't that popular because the 90's consisted of variety like rock, metal, reggae, etc. As for me, I listened to the Eagle's and Peter Paul & Mary, but who cares? Today, every single radio station plays rap. I'm getting sick of it. ARGH!

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   Carolina Circle Mall 2006: Gone with a Wal-Mart under construction

2. Video editing was a lot easier. However, I prefer today's computerized editing. But the big point is video recording. Most video camera's recorded straight to VHS. Today, you have to record it to Mini DV, Hi-8, etc and convert it to a VHS tape. Pretty long, huh?

1. The number one reason would probably be what most nostalgic 90's people talk about. Nickelodeon! In the 90's, you had Rugrats, Double Dare, GUTS, Pete & Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Nick Arcade, Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, etc. I nearly cry when I turn the TV onto Nick today. Ever since at least 1998, Nick has been going down a bottomless pit of doom. I always find it comforting to stick in my old retro Nick tapes in the VCR and take a trip down memory lane. Hey, I'm a Roadgeek.