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These were the people who would stand with clipboards on the upper level of the mall down by Pennys and try to get you to answer questions about some product they were testing. Depending on your answers, you might get invited into their office for even more surveys and questions. They also hung out around the escalators next to the food court.

The Mall of Memphis seemed to have the most aggressive comsumer opinion-takers of any mall I've ever been too. ---BJN---

I was one of those people who were questioned, I was 10 at the time. They told me to try out this new breakfast lunchable. All I had to do was eat it and tell if I liked it or not. They gave me a $50 certificate for just sampling it.

I was also approached by one of the "researchers" and got invited to the offices for further testing. I was around 8 years old. My mother was with me and they had to get her approval. Then I had to watch some commercials for GI Joe action figures (if I recall correctly), and provide feedback. There were also some commercials for kid's breakfast cereal. I was paid in cash either $10 or $15 for my time (don't remember which). I immediately got my mom to take me to Spencer's and spent my earnings...