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David Smith's Mall of Memphis Picture Collection

December 6th, 2006

David Smith contributed these images to the site. His pictures show some things we have seen nowhere else so far, including the original Zamboni, the original Ice Capades roof decoration, and several artifacts from stores in the mall. These images of mall life are some of the very few we have that depict the Mall of Memphis the way it was experienced in it's better days. Fun. Busy. Cool. Live local bands playing, no doubt for some special event or party. Life was good at The Mall of Memphis.

Dorothy Hamill Autograph

1981 MOM Dorothy Hamill Autograph This is one of the photo copies they were handing out for Grand Opening Benefit Party. I got 2 and Hamill signed one, I can't find the signed one, but heres the other one (notice the dead space to the right in the picture for signature space.)

Dorothy Hamill Skates The Mall of Memphis

1981 MOM Dorothy Hamill This was a shot of Dorthy Hamill skating in the opening show at the MOM. There were two sets of bleachers placed on the end of the ice, about 4 to 5 rows high, pushed up against the rink wall. This picture was taken from the front row.

1981 MOM T-Shirts Plus

1981 MOM T-Shirts Plus A T-Shirts Plus purchased item bag. T-Shirts Plus was one of the first Specialized Shirt places in the MOM and had an airbrush artist (back in the early to mid eighties, airbrush was cool.) A couple or so years after the Mall had opened, A new, larger more glamouros T-Shirt retailer named "Talking Tops" moved into the unit right around the corner from Kermel Korn in a awesome position. The whole store was visibly as it faced diagnal to the main entrance into the food court and from the escalader. It had big dual glass walls and you could see the entire store from the outside. You could also see the airbrus artist work their magic behind the glass. Rumor has it that shortly after "Talking Tops" moved into the mall, there were rumors of no compete contracts and threats of lawsuits between the two specialized T-Shirt retailers and the mall management.

1982 MOM Chelsea Street Pub

1982 MOM Chelsea St I decent shot of the original Chelsea Street Pub

1982 MOM Skating Exibition

1982 MOM Exibition Just one of the many competitions the Ice Capades Chalet held at the MOM. Notice how many people are on the top floor around the entrance to the food court. It was said the floors shook when alot of people walked on them and there was some concern of their stability. This picture obviously proves how well the mall was designed and built.

1982 Ice Chalet Awards

1982 MOM Chalet awards A couple of awards given to a competitor in one of the many competitions, shows and exibitions the Ice Capades Chalet Ice arena produced over the years.

1981 Rink Ceiling

1982 MOM Rink ceiling This was the original ceiling over the ice arena.

1982 MOM Zambonie

1982 MOM Zambonie The original Zamboni.

1982 Cheap Skate Night

1983 MOM Cheap Skate Night Skate counter to the left and a good shot of the walkway up from the rinks 10 foot open entrance up to the rink's retail boutique and exit into the mall. To enter the rinnk, you had to pay at a open sliding window from a person in the boutique shop. They had a buzzer lock/opener for the entry door.

MOM Cinema WarGames Ticket

1983 MOM Cinema WarGames A MOM General Cinema ticket to WarGames.

Skating certificate

1983 MOM Skating certificate Ice Capades Chalet official completions of Lessons certificate

Jean Joint

1986 MOM Jean Joint 01 A Jean Joint purchased item bag.

Art Emporium

1987 MOM Art Emporium A business card from the Art Emporium. Located around the corner from the Ice Capades Chalet boutique/Entrance.

Chicago HotDog

1988 MOM Chicago HotDog.JPG An original Chicago Hot Dog employee apron. "Yes, I would like 2 large chili-cheese footlongs, a order of your "Bear" fries AND a Laaaarge 'Diet' Coke!"

Jean Joint

1988 MOM Jean Joint 02 An employee name tag