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Deborah Duncan's Mall of Memphis Picture Collection

January 3rd, 2007

Deborah Duncan contributed these images to the site. Her pictures show a crumbling mall lit inside only by the sun coming in through skylights, missing walls and ceilings of the mall during demolition. Big as the mall was, it did not have the more dramatic explosive ending like so many of the towers and skyscrapers you see on TV. The mall was not tall enough to implode and let gravity bring it down. Instead, excavators, cranes and backhoes just started ripping and tearing the walls down, pulling out beams and girders piece by piece until the building was nothing but rubble.

The mall was a dream to the original builders, a great effort and successful project. The mall was home to armies of construction workers for years as the mall was built. Home to thouands who were employed there in the 22 years of existence. Visited by millions of shoppers in it's lifetime.

The 1981 Mall of Memphis - $85 million dollars to build - millions more spent on renovations and upgrades - ended it's days with a small crew of demolition experts.

Former entrance that came in right by the Ice Chalet

Cinema front and sign

Entrance sign by Ice Chalet

Food court from ice rink area below

Food court from ice rink area below

"M" sign that is visible in the food court area above the ice rink

Construction entrance off Perkins

Salvage scene

Escalator become stairs

The anti-mugging elevator

BGC demolition sign (It was still there the last time that I checked as is the "MOM" sign by the old Toys R Us

Service Merchandise

Everything's gone but the former entrance stands like a lonely sentinel!

Enlarged, you can see the last thing to fall was the former entrance facade!