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Devin Greaney's Mall of Memphis Picture Collection

October 8, 2006

Devin Greaney contributed these images to the site. His pictures show a much happier, brighter mall than we typically remember these days. Kids on the rink, husbands on the benches and wives shopping 'til they drop. These images of mall life are some of the very few we have that depict the Mall of Memphis the way it was experienced in its better days. Fun. Busy. Cool. Christmas decorations up, Santa in the house. Live local bands playing, no doubt for some special event or party. Life was good at The Mall of Memphis.

Concert at the Mall by a local band Nov. 9, 1984

Nov 9, 1984 - See Ty Crook

Dec 1985 - Sometimes Santa is just too scary!

Dec 1985 - I believe these decorations hung above Santa's chair in the "playpen."

Dec 1985 - 8/7/07 Devin received an email from a former employee confirming pic taken at Thalheimers.

Dec 1985 - A husband makes use of a "spouse" bench while his wife shops.

Jan 1986 - An Ice Capades ice skating lesson gets started.

Jan 1986 - Children of the 80's were the first ever (and maybe last?) to enjoy Ice Skating in Memphis.

Jan 1986 - Southern kids never took long to get their "ice legs." Adults mostly mastered the "ice butt."