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Dillard's Department Stores

Opening day tenant. Dillard's 300,000 SqFt building was the only anchor store to be completed in time for the Grand Opening. During the life of the mall, Dillard's actually had two "anchor" positions in the mall. In 1992 Thalheimers closed up shop and left the mall. Dillard's took over their space and used it as the new Mens Store. The existing Dillard's become the Womens Store and Furniture Gallery. In 1999, the Dillards at the Mall of Memphis was referenced in a court case as a major money loser for the chain ($1 million in 1 year...sales had plummeted 35% from 1995 to 1998, the worst performing Memphis area location)... DillardsCase

10/25/2005 - I remember when the original Dillards used to sell CDs and tapes...even LPs. They used to have old Atari/Intellivision demonstration consoles for playing video games while your parents shopped. I think they also had a decent toy department towards the second floor entrance, unless I am thinking that was Goldsmiths.

Mall of Memphis - 300,000 sq. ft. (2 locations) (opened 1981, 2nd location 1992 in former Thahimers, both closed 2001)

It's funny: if you look at post demolition pictures, the trees around Dillards are still there. I will try to take more pix if and when I can get close to them. -Kurisu

Trees outline Dillards location

As Kuriso noted, you can tell exactly where Dillards was by the trees that remain. This view shows the store in place, the demolition with the trees in place and the trees 4 years after the Mall disappeared: