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Fred Gang's Restaurant

CLOSED! While the Airport area has a shortage of good restaurants, Fred Gang's will not disappoint you! For lunch you have a selection of typical sandwiches and salads but also a great selection of fish (swordfish, salmon, grouper, halibut, etc.). Now for dinner, it gets a little exciting with its wild game selections of Ostrich, Elk, Emu, Kangaroo, Buffalo, and Antelope. They alternate each night between these selections, so call before you visit. (I hear the Kangaroo is excellent!) While FG's has a large capacity, you may want to arrive early for lunch as it can get crowded in a hurry. You can also have lunch delivered by calling 345-3694.

Hours: Lunch: Monday thru Friday - 11am to 2pm Diner: Monday thru Saturday - 5pm to 10pm (Sunday to 9pm) 901-345-3693

The 350-person capacity building is gone now - the fence around the property houses gravel, rubble and an outline of where the building once sat. The bar was classic old school - but the best part was "Jack's" that was upstairs and served sandwiches at lunchtime.