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The Giant Memphis Shoe

Located near Lamar at I-240, the shoe was built in 1965 and was demolished in 1996

A color photo of the Giant Memphis Shoe

Your host remembers the Giant Memphis Shoe and had looked in vain for a long time to find photos or information about it. Thank goodness for the people at - they recently posted the information below about the Giant Shoe and have much more information and Memphis history as well! Be sure and check them out;

Photo and article from The Well-Built Elephant and Other Roadside Attractions:

A Tribute to American Eccentricity (1984) by J.J.C. Andrews.

The shoe store had unique, child-oriented furniture inside. One was a giant octopus with seats on the ends of its tentacles.

The shoe's architect, Lawrence T. Hord Jr., passed away in December 1996, the year the shoe was demolished. The architecture firm is now under the leadership of his son, Carter Hord, AIA, who provided the original architectural drawings on the right.

Hord Architects 66 Monroe Ave., Suite 105 Memphis, TN 38103 Tel. 901.527.9085 Fax. 901.527.9087


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