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How To Upload Images

If you have Mall of Memphis pictures or other files you would like to share, Please upload them here. It's better to upload them because if you link to them somewhere else and that sites goes down, we lose the image. If you upload them here, we can assure the image a long term home. H

ere are the steps to upload them.

1) On the page where you want to show the image, edit the page text to include the following;

Attach:file.ext Δ

The paper clip icon will do this for you. Replace file.ext with the name of the image you will be uploading. After you save the page, click on the attach link.

You will be prompted for a password. The password is:


You will then be presented with an upload form, where you can choose the name of the file you are uploading.

Clicking the Upload button will send the file. It should then show up in the page.

If the image is too big, you can put:


In front of the "Attach" word and it will resize the page to fit.

Thanks for sharing!!