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January 25, 2007 - Mall Relics

Looking around during the day shows the demolition scars are slowly fading, becoming hard to remember what it looked like for the last 25 years....

A wreath placed on the fence closing the former Mall of Memphis Drive in memory of the two murdered women whose bodies were left on the abandoned mall grounds in 2006.

With double lanes in each direction, the Mall of Memphis Drive welcomed thousands of cars to the landscaped mall grounds every day. Only the median remains now.

Over on the American Way side, at Entrance 2 - the pavement is gone but the concrete median remains - the traffic light hasn't noticed that no more cars will be using this drive; it still cycles to allow mall traffic out.

James Bridger Way no longer needs a speed limit sign - dirt road that it is today.

The buildings along Mall of Memphis drive that held anchors such as OfficeMax and Toy-R-Us were not demolished along with the mall, but they too stand empty - a reminder of what was.