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January 31, 2008 - Mall Site

Its harder than ever to recall what was once the mighty Mall of Memphis. These days it looks more and more like a "lot" of potential - but with no plan in place, the area reverts back to nature.

The entrance road from Perkins at the light shows that a 4 wheel drive vehicle might be needed soon, if the road were open.

Some of the curb gutters are still in place, some like this one are decaying at a more rapid rate.

Its hard to realize when you look at the site that the demolition took so much of the elevation as well. This manhole cover would have been in the parking lot near Dillards and the pavement level would have been even with the top. Not only was a lot of building removed, but much of the groud as well. This was likely done to get underground wiring, irrigation pipes, etc.

When the gate near the former Wilson Hotels was closed, it was blocked with this massive beam from the roof of the mall - likely from the roof over the food court/ice rink area. The beam has not been tampered with - its far too heavy from scrap metal theives to have a go at.

The main entrance and ice rink area hold water and is still very flat and even terrained.