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Malibu Grand Prix

The Malibu/Grand Prix were 2 cars built by GM from the 1960's to the present. The 1980's coupe versions are popular models in the Memphis area and, with proper exhaust modification, can exhibit a high rate of "BOOGITY", or speed.

This very well may be true - I had an 1984 Malbu myself and it was a speed demon! But the Malibu Grand Prix we are talking about is the old arcade and go kart track that was on Pleasant View down past where the Nolans Audio Visual building is today - visible from the interstate at Sycamore View.

The arcade was the first of it's kind in Memphis and had the very latest in electronic video games, pinball machines and of course, go karts. These karts were tricked out like Formula One cars and would do 60 mph in the straights - which were short - for that very reason. Many dates were spent at the arcade - but it was expensive if your girl wasn't good at the games and you had to keep feeding quarters!!!!

May 17, 2008

I love this site! Being a pack-rat, I had to send you this photo ID from Malibu from 1980. Please note the rabbit fur coat!! I recall being told I was driving too slow and was a "track hazzard"...