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Maywood Beach

Maybe Maywood shouldn't be in a page about "Lost Memphis" since it was in Olive Branch, Mississippi, but then again I think it should. Maywood was a part of Memphis in that many Memphians spent their summers swimming in the cool, spring-fed waters. Opened on July, 4, 1931 on what you can now find on a map as Lake Shahkoka, it served as the "beach within reach" for thousands of families in the Mid-South. The creators, Maurice and May Woodson, dug a lake bed and lined it with hundreds of tons of gorgeous white sand imported from Destin, FL. For many, it was the only beach they had ever seen. I know that as a child I thought that it was a "real" beach and had so much fun going with my family. From what I gather, Maywood was closed some time in 2003 and will never be open to the public again. It's just another chapter of many people's childhoods that can never be read again.



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