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Paul Fiedler

Well, so far I have not been able to find any information on the Malls Paul Fiedler - who performed magic at the malls Grand Opening. But I did find another Paul Fiedler.....

Oberleutnant von Scheele with Aviatik P-14 and Leutnant Paul Fiedler with LFG Roland.

Conducting the war in the air in DSWA 1914/15

Some missions also were flown by Willy Trück. Trück was a pilot and engineer of the airplane manufacturer Aviatik, sent to DSWA to test local flying conditions. Probably he and von Scheele alternately used von Scheele's Aviatik. Trück had his own Aviatik. but the military commanders informed him that he would not get any petrol. So he had only the gallons he had brought from Germany, only sufficient for few missions. His plane was always transferred by train to its new base, in the end it was burned at Tsumeb.

Fiedler crashed in April 1915 and von Scheele in May 1915, ending the German air war in DSWA.

Picture Leutnant Paul Fiedler and observer in his LFG Roland.