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Mall of Memphis Photo Credits

It is not our intention to represent every images here as own own. Many, many good photographers have uploaded images of the mall to other sites, to image databases or even to us. Some of those images are displayed here. The photographer names we know are listed below. If your name should be here because you see your work here, please add your name and accept our thanks for your sharing. Without the images of our lost mall, this site would be sad indeed.

Some mall images here are borrowed from Steven1626, a Webshots user at: He has been on the site adding new pics so thanks!!!!

Others were taken by Clinton Yelvington and posted at - thanks! Clinton has also posted pics of another failed mall, River Roads Mall on his website -

Still more pics from thoughtcriminal at - thanks!

Even more at - thanks!

and - thanks!

and mgstrong at Photobucket - - Thanks! is hosted by DreamHost

Other photos from: for providing various shots of Memphis, the skyline and the downtown area. Check out his work st

I meant to go by and take some final shots of the mall, but never did so thanks to all the folks listed for sharing their pictures. If I have missed anyone, please add your name and site here.

Thanks to aviation site for this web space.