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T-Shirts Plus

A 1981 T-Shirts Plus purchased item bag. T-Shirts Plus was one of the first Specialized Shirt places in the MOM and had an airbrush artist (back in the early to mid eighties, airbrush was cool.) A couple or so years after the Mall had opened, A new, larger more glamouros T-Shirt retailer named "Talking Tops" moved into the unit right around the corner from Kermel Korn in a awesome position. The whole store was visible as it faced diagnal to the main entrance into the food court and from the escalader. It had big dual glass walls and you could see the entire store from the outside. You could also see the airbrus artist work their magic behind the glass. Rumor has it that shortly after "Talking Tops" moved into the mall, there were rumors of no compete contracts and threats of lawsuits between the two specialized T-Shirt retailers and the mall management.

Talking Tops was right next to a jewelry store on one side and the Dairy Queen on the other - it cornered the food court. They had a air-brush artist and a big glass window in the front where you could watch him paint. Seems like the artist name was Kip...

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