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While not connected to the mall proper, the buildings along Mall of Memphis Drive were nonetheless an important part of the complex. When the mall was being designed, the desire was to have entrances both on American Way, Cherry Road and Perkins. The developers owned some frontage on Perkins, but it was too close to the Interstate off ramp setback requirements. The owner of the frontage furher down Perkins did not want to sell, but a deal was finally reached, paving the way for Mall of Memphis Drive to be safely off the interstate..

Another 145 acres west of the mall site was additional land the developers needed for the mall project, but this owner was not anxious to sell either. Eventually, an agreement was reached here as well and the deal was done. Or so it seemed. At closing, a clause had been added to the loan contract specifying the land could not be used for a mall!

American Way was another challenge. At that time it was not a through street and dead ended.