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Vibrating Floor Worries Public.

Vibrating Floor Worries Public After Kansas City Hyatt Hotel Skyway Collapse

After a hotel skywalk collapse in another city, everyone was worried about the upper floor at the new Mall of Memphis. Why? You could feel the floor move with crowds or sometimes even heavy footed walkers!

It was on the news and many live broadcasts were sent from the Mall - worried reporters predicting a collapse of the upper floors.

It never happened though. The floor lasted long enough to outlive the mall itself.

New Information

I didn't remember that any changes were made to the floors - I thought it was just a public not familiar with big multi-floor malls, even though you could feel the movement. According to Kenneth Sparks's story of the Visitor Stories page, "additional structural elements was added to stiffen the level." - Thanks Kenneth!

There were two sets of escalators, this one down by Pennys and the one at the Food Court.