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Who Comes Here?

You might assume that a site remembering a local mall would only be visited by locals, or former locals. In fact we have visitors from all over the world! Here's a look at our Mall traffic in the last 12 months or so - the most recent charts taken on November 14, 2007 show the trends continuing.

We average 50 or so unique visitors a day - and those visitors view an astounding 10,000 pages of this site a month.

This confirms our personal observations of having a relatively small but consistent number of people interested in our Mall but the interest level is very high. Most visitors stay here and look around for 8 to 11 minutes, which is a lifetime in web terms as many sites have visit durations measured in seconds!

Just over half are using a higher resolution monitor, and we lay out these pages with that in mind. If this site looks poorly formatted on your computer its time for a new monitor and video card! 1024x768 is average.