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We have a short memory, public wise - for retail establishments. While growing up in Memphis, I didn't pay much attention to the stores my parents frequented with me in tow.

I know we shopped at the Zayre on Summer Ave, but I can only remember being in the store one time, and it was after I was driving and I went myself. I had found something in the Sunday paper Zayre flyer I wanted (some cheapo car accessory for my cheapo car - remember those orange Union 76 balls they used to put on your car antenna-anyay) and went there on a Sunday afternoon. I remember the shelves were messy, disorganized and cluttered. There was paper and trash on the floor and in general the place looked bad. Now I was about as sloppy and messy as a guy could be, and I noticed it: so it must have been bad.

From what I have read on other retail history sites, this was a nationwide problem with Zayre and was the beginning of the end.

I have not yet located any pictures of the Zayre store(s) in Memphis, but these will give you an idea of their presentation.