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Mall of Memories? is a project of Doug Force.

I'm quite well known in some stores!

And just who is Doug Force? Well, just a guy with an opinion, really. I'm not a politician or a city leader or anyone with any public influence at all - not a writer, a reporter or a historian. A guy with an opinion. That's what you will see on the hundreds of pages on this site - my opinion and the opinions of many others as well. is a "Wiki, a special type of web site that allows anyone to add their thoughts and memories. Yes this includes YOU! You don't have to agree with me - say what you think. But please say it in a non-offensive way, i.e. no purposeful inflammatory language, etc.

Ugly behavior won't be tolerated. Leave a vulgar comment or delete existing content and you will quickly find yourself outside the mall with no way back in. Your IP will be blocked and your changes can be undone in one click. So just don't do it.

Don't misunderstand - save the "Politically Correct" BS mindset that is destroying this country's ability to be the BEST! (if we're the best someone else HAS to be the WORST! If that's YOU and it OFFENDS YOU, go BE BETTER - don't WHINE that your feelings are hurt!). God save us from the people who would run the world on the basis of hurt feelings.

Say what you think, say it plain, don't be insulting.

White, Black, Hispanic - certainly many feel that racial issues were a big factor in the Malls failure. You are free to comment on topics like this - Actually, I thought it was a race thing (because EVERYTHING in Memphis is a race thing, or so people try to make out) to, until I studied the Rhodes College report. Now, I think people of all races in Memphis were played against each other for ratings by local media. In the process, they inadvertently killed The Mall of Memphis by hyper reporting every incident happening in or near the mall because the phrase "Mall of Murder" made such a good graphic for the TV reporter, looked so striking in print - even made a good audio sound byte for radio.

The problem? It was misleading. Very misleading.

Look at the report - look at the numbers......why does Memphis have such "knowledge and perception" of the Mall of Memphis being so dangerous....yet we know so little about the actual safety record of the other malls (who were worse in most categories) but perceived to be safer?

No, it wasn't just a "media conspiracy" and yes many factors were involved - but the phrase "Mall of Murder" has reached almost iconic status in Memphis - why is that?

What do you think caused the complete, stunning failure of one of the largest shopping malls in America?

My Memphis Flyer interview photo. They ran the Mall escalator instead!

Why Do YOU Have A Web Site On The Mall of Memphis???

When anyone finds out I'm behind this site - the first question is always the same. Why do I have a site on the mall? What connection is there to me? I have tried to come up with some clever reply, as I get asked this question alot! No luck, I'm not that clever.

While not the reason for the site, I am a former Mall of Memphis store employee - I worked at Video Concepts after high school and before college - 1980 or so. It was an interesting time - the mall was in it's heyday and none of us knew it. It was a social gathering place, a dinner destination, a date stop for many an ice skater. For a time, it truly was The Marketplace of The Mid-South. But then things changed. Changed drastically and certainly not for the better. It was all downhill from there.

Who could have predicted it? Who could have stopped it?

Want To Add To The Site? - You Can! Even If You Are Not A Computer Geek!

Adding information is easy - every page has an "Edit" link at both the top and bottom of the page. Click it and a form will open with the text of the page. You can fix a typo if you see one, or move to the bottom and start typing your thoughts. When complete, just click the "Save" button in gray at the lower left of the form. That's it!

If you want to get fancy with bold letters or colors and such you will need to learn a little 'Wiki Markup' - and there is complete information on this with the 'Documentation Index' link at the bottom of the Edit screen. It's easy too - made for non-geeks.

The Mall of Memphis Collection

If you have pictures or text and you just don't want to add them yourself, email them to

No scanner? We will pay roudtrip FedEx charges to have your items sent to us, scanned, posted and returned to you.

Have stuff that will take some effort to look through? We'll come and help!

Whatever it takes, we want your Mall pics, items, etc depicted on the site. They are not making the stuff anymore so whatever you have is of value. Please help if you can.

This site was started to collect facts and as many of the combined memories of other mall staff and visitors as possible.

Please join in!

Doug Force