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welp there's not too much to tell about me except that I have very fond memories of the mall my allowance blown at Record Bar getting Duran Duran and Hall & Oates RECORDS LOL not cd's and I remember the first or second CD I got was from there too and I remember the first "Cassingle(cassette single)" was Bryan Adams In the Heat of the Night" there too and I remember getting a lot of records at their Finyl Vinyl sale when they discontinued their Records" at the Record Bar" making it be "Trax" anyway I digress(A LOT I have ADHD LOL) I am Kristen I loved MOM and I miss it a lot. if I can ever find it I will send pics of my Units clothes and a 16 plus bag to the site.

Name: Kristen

First time @ the mall: sometime in 1982

School I went to : Kingsbury

Store most missed: Record Bar

Store not visited: Stuarts

Store I got clothes at:16 Plus and Units

Store I loved to "play" in: McDuff? and Video Concepts

Place I wish I went to more: Gold mine and Ice Capades:

Last movie seen at MOM: Men in Black

Fave Gadgets and whatnot store: It's a Small World(I loved their plastic add a charm necklaces I still have 2 of the charms I got from there!)

MOM is the best reason for a time machine isn't it?

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