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Lisa Cochran

I am a native Memphian who grew up with the Grand Carousel, or Merry Go Round as they called in the days of the Fairgrounds. My parents would take me and hold me on the horses when I was too small to ride without their help. I wanted to ride it over and over again. As I grew up, and even through my teens, when I had season passes to Libertyland and went about 4 times per week, my friends and I would ride the carousel, not caring if people thought we were too old for it. I used to walk around as much as I could to pick a different horse to ride each time, the one that suited my fancy at the moment, so I probably have ridden every horse on the Carousel. The City owns the carousel and has it dismantled and stored at an undisclosed location. I would love to do whatever it takes to help it run again, at the Children's Museum, or anywhere that the people of Memphis can enjoy this treasure again, along with generations to come.


The following are some examples of the pictures Lisa has dug up and contributed here. Thanks Lisa!

The Pippin in 1974

Entrance to Memphis Fairgrounds in 1974