Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

Main Street Mall

First it was a street. The businesses on Main suffered because no one went downtown much. There wasn't much parking, but with little traffic, you could usually park right in front of the few stores that were open. So, the clever idea was put forward to make Main Street a pedestrian mall. So, the street was closed to traffic, and to ones surprise except city leaders, Memphians don't walk. the few stores that had held on now found they had no traffice al all.

The stores closed, and when comedian Bill Cosby visited Memphis one cold, snowy winter night, he quipped that Memphis was the only city he had ever seen that had a mall for bums and homeless people.

Memphis, 1975. Meet Dreifus. Wear Diamonds

Now, the clever idea has been put forward to allow traffic on Main Street again. There is a trolley too, so is this a good idea or just history repeating itself.....

In Memphis, you just never know.

Six years later, Memphis hadn't changed at all.


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