Remembering the Marketplace of the Midsouth

The Public Eye

This Memphis BBQ landmark operated at Overton Square and the Mall of Memphis. The Overton Squre location (Public Eye - 17 S. Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104 901-726-4040) was open and popular for many, many years and closed forever in 2000:

"July 27, 2000 - After serving barbecue to Memphians for nearly three decades, the Public Eye restaurant in Overton Square has closed.

The restaurant at 17 S. Cooper, which opened in 1973, closed Sunday night to make way for a proposed parking garage/movie theater.

This makes the second longtime Memphis restaurant to close its doors in less than a week; after 24 years, Fred Gang's at 2872 Airways closed July 18."

from The Commercial Appeal

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The Public Eye was the focus of a legal conflict regarding disability access


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