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The Old Mill

A number of rides and buildings where cleared away from the fairgrounds to make room for the Libertyland project. One of the most notable rides that was demolished was "The Old Mill". This indoor water ride was both a 'tunnel of love' type attraction for the teenagers and a truly scary experience for the younger crowd. The water in the ride was dark and murky and reportedly full of snakes. The ride operators were old time 'carnies' who were just as scary to children as the ride itself. There was also a mule positioned neat the end of the ride that would kick at the boat riders as they floated by, generally eliciting a scream from one or more people on the boat. This ride was located near the Zippin Pippin as it can be seen in the background.

The Old Mill Outside

The Old Mill Inside


These pictures were provided by our own Lisa Cochran who discovered them while researching the old Memphis Fairgrounds.