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Clinton Yelvington

Hey, everyone! I see Doug asked me to create a profile for myself, so here goes. I'm 27 and I've lived in Memphis all my life. I am currently employed at Christian Brothers University in the IT Help Desk. I first took interest in urban ruins at the age of about 16 or 17 when I saw an article in the Memphis Flyer about "The Big Empties" and saw a picture of the now-demolished Patterson High School in East Memphis. It was also the Memphis Flyer that brought the Old Melrose School to my attention, which is why I wanted to go and take pictures of it. As far as the Mall of Memphis is concerned, I grew up going there and took interest in its decline when I started looking for information on the Mall and came across Now, not only have I taken pictures of the Mall of Memphis, but I have also managed to visit the River Roads Mall in Jennings, MO and get pictures of it as well. I am interested in the status of all Memphis malls in particular, and I am concerned for the fate of Raleigh Springs and Hickory Ridge as well. They, too, are places I grew up going to and would like to see survive. I also am interested in old Memphis school buildings and bowling alleys, among other things.

Finally, I have to say that I am glad to see this page has done so well -- it's amazing how many other people are interested in the Mall of Memphis, even now after it's been gone almost 5 years. I have greatly enjoyed the pictures on this site. Only thing I'd like to see at this point is for someone to come forward with some more pics of the interior of Service Merchandise at some point. The one picture we have is good but I would like to see more!

Thanks Clinton! Your pictures of the Mall of Memphis, River Roads Mall and now in Lost Memphis help make this site interesting. Thanks for all your help and for sharing here. Be sure and put a picture on your profile - the site may wind up in a book or TV show at some point in the future and I want everyone who has helped to be visible in whatever forum we appear in. I have some material coming from a former Marketing Director for the Mall and also from Mr Trezevants family - maybe there will be a Service Merchandise pic or two in the stack. I can't remember if I asked you this but are you related to any Yelvingtons from Harding Academy? --df